Writer:  William Shakespeare

Director:  Pia Furtado

Designer: Georgia Lowe

Dramaturg: Sarah Dickenson

Movement: Temujin Gill (in association with Parkour UK)

In Association with: Bold Tendencies, Restless Buddha & White Light


How far will we go for the people we love? 


Shakespeare's unrelenting revenge tragedy descends upon Bold Tendencies Peckham Multistorey Car Park this summer. 


The blistering political machinations of two clans - the Andronici and the Goths, play out in the urban desolation of this city car park, ducking and diving through the extraordinary space. 


This virile, violent play is reimagined by a company of actors, parkour practitioners and a community chorus of singers and beatboxers. We invite you to immerse yourself in the allegiance, loss and rage of Shakespeare's visceral, disturbing text and the power and skill of urban freerunning.

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In memory of the brilliant trumpeter, educator and artist, Abram Wilson who initiated this jazz-theatre collaboration and passed away before we could fully realise it.


This is live-jazz through-scored theatrical thriller. Inspired by the extraordinary life story of Philippa Duke Schuyler, a prodigal, mixed-race concert-pianist, composer, and journalist – born as experiment in miscengenation in 1931 into the sizzling political climate of jazz-age Harlem.


The woman that emerged was the first mixed-race star to grace the cover of TIME magazine. She performed for Queens and Presidents. But she was lost, paranoid, always searching for something to believe in – racially, sexually and patriotically. Her story is set against an America dealing with Segregation and Civil Rights, Communism and the Capitalist dream and a problematic war in Vietnam. 


Like Abram, Philippa's life was cut short suddenly. She died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam, in suspicious circumstances. 


This is where our story begins. Vietnam. 1967.


In association with the abram wilson foundation

Director/Dramaturg:  Pia Furtado

Composer:  Alphonso Horne III



Watch this space.

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