The Theory of Everything makes celebratory, genre-bending, live theatrical spectacles that pull together artists, practices and ideas from different disciplines.


We make work that reframes the artists - audience  relationship. We want our work to create communities, reduce distance and forge connections through sublime storytelling, and encourage and (on occasion)  provoke our audience to engage in new experiences. We revel in the risk. playfulness and unique nature of live performance.


We make shows that are accessible to everyone - that welcome rather than exclude. We believe in fostering young audiences, finding new audiences, stimulating established ones and debunking the idea that specific artforms are for certain 'types' of people.


We tell stories that are brave, bold, thrilling, unique and ambitious and speak to our lives, our politics and our dreams and new possibilities.



Pia Furtado                                     ARTISTIC DIRECTOR      

Georgia Lowe                                           CREATIVE ASSOCIATE  (Designer)

Natalia Rossetti                                      ASSOCIATE PRODUCER                         


“The closeness of reality and the distance of myth - if there is no distance you aren't amazed, and if there is no closeness you aren't moved.” 

― Peter Brook

Peter Brook